All zip files contain image files, use Rawrite or download directly to a SCO machine and use dd to create driver disks.

SCO 5.06a update - - 11.9 MB
Vendor: SCO
Type: Patch
Version: 5.06a

Adaptec SCSI/RAID Driver for 21320  - - 54 KB (Install via link aacraid)
Vendor: Adaptec
Version: build7348

Adaptec SCSI Driver for 29320A-R, SE7501BR2, SE7501HG2, SE7501WV2, SSH4, G701, G900 - - 173 KB
Vendor: Adaptec
Type: SCSI

Adaptec SCSI Driver for 2100s, 2010s - - 431 KB (Install with defbootstr link=dpti5)
Vendor: Adaptec
Type: SCSI
Version: 1.12

LSI Megaraid u320-1, LSI Megaraid u320-2 - - 321KB
Vendor: LSI
Version: 2.25
Install with defbootstr link="amird" Sdsk=amird(0,2,0,0)
Note: the capital S in Sdsk, sco is case sensitive and the line must be duplicated exactly.

Broadcom - - 69 KB
This driver covers all broadcom, NIC’s, use custom to install.
Vendor: Broadcom
Type: NIC
Version: 7518A

DIGI Board driver - - 1.14 MB
Install with custom, run MPI to configure DIGI Board.
Vendor: DIGI
Type: Serial I/O
Version: 4.2

LSI 21320, Acer G510, Acer G301 - - 632 KB
Driver for non RAID LSI controllers. 
Note: Install with;
link lsil
Vendor LSI
Type: SCSI

P4/Xeon microcode patch for SCO 5.06. - - 182 KB
Use custom to install patch. 506A must be installed first.
Vendor: SCO
Type: Patch
Version: N/A

Rawrite - - 210 KB
This file is used with windows to write the image files onto a disk for use with SCO.  Extract the zip and run the .exe to launch rawrite.  Select the write option and point to the desired image.  Insert a blank floppy and click the write button.  When the process finishes your new SCO driver disk is ready to be used.
Type Utility
Version 7
SCO 5.07 mp3 - - 160 MB
Install this patch via custom for SCO 5.07 only.
Vendor: SCO
Type: Patch
Version: Maintenance pack 3

LSIU80lvd - - 45 KB
install with;
Install pkg
Vendor: LSI
Type: SCSI
Version: 4.11

Intel SRC14L - - 389 KB
Vendor: Intel
Type: SATA
Version: 2.26

Wdsup for 5.06/5.07 - - 290 KB
Vendor: SCO
Type: Patch
Version: Current for 5.06/5.07