Driver Installation Instructions:

1. Once you have downloaded the drivers from the web page right click and extract the files to a folder. The image shows how to extract files using WinZip extraction utility 9.0.
2. If there is a setup.exe or install.bat file in the extracted files, double click on it to install the drivers that you have downloaded.
For drivers with no setup.exe or install.dat files
1. Right click on "My Computer" icon on Start Menu and select "Manage". This will open up the Computer Management Console. In this console, under System Tools click on "Device Manager" to see the list of devices on your PC.
2. In this list, you should be able to find the device that you need driver for, under "Other devices". Right click on your device and select "Update driver". This will bring up the Hardware update wizard.

3. Choose "No" for the Windows to connect to Windows Update to search for software and click Next.

Then choose "Install from a list or specified location" option as in this image and click Next.

4. Then choose "Search for the best driver in these locations." option and check "Include this location in the search". Click "Browse" to select the folder where you have extracted your driver files.

Now, Click "Next" for Hardware Update Wizard to find the drivers and update the device. Finally, Click "Finish" to exit this wizard and restart the PC.